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About Us

The company known today as Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. was initially founded by David Kelman. After serving his country in World War II in England, David returned to the United States to complete his degree in accounting and graduated from Wayne State University in 1950. His first few years of accounting were with the firm of Sharon Gallec. In 1953, David formed his own CPA firm, which was called David Kelman & Co. Over 60 years later, and through numerous changes, that firm is still in existence today.

During the early 1960s, the firm added Bernard Mintz and renamed the firm to Kelman, Mintz, P.C. Also during this period, Edward Rosenbaum married David Kelman’s daughter. At the time, Edward was working for Paul Kelman, a cousin of David.

Eventually the two firms founded by David and Paul merged and continued with the same firm name. David Kelman died in 1972, but his presence and influence still remains among the clients, employees, and partners of the firm. David was an accountant known for his compassion and kindness towards his clients and their tax and accounting problems. He would constantly extend himself on their behalf, working long hours to provide quality, accurate, and prompt service. This attitude is still a major guiding principle of today’s firm.

David Kelman

In 1981, Bernard Mintz left the firm and two other partners were added: Manuel Levitsky and Daryl Rollins. As a result, the firm name changed to Kelman, Rosenbaum, Levitsky & Rollins, P.C. In 1987, after Levitzky retired and Paul Quayhackx was added as a partner, the firm became Kelman, Rosenbaum, Rollins & Quayhackx, P.C.

After the death of Paul Kelman in 1999 and the departure of Paul Quayhackx in 2000, the firm name changed once again to Rosenbaum, Rollins & Associates, P.C. Two new partners, Dawn Reeves and James Olah, were added in 2002. Upon Reeves’ retirement, a change was made in 2011 to the current name of Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. Jeremiah Thomson was added as a partner in 2016.