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The services provided by CPA Firms must be responsive to changes in the environment, which is affected by developments in information technology, the increasing complexity of tax laws and regulations, greater demands by the public for new types of information and CPA assurances on such information, the increasing need of many clients for advisory services, and a host of other factors.

If the public accounting profession as a whole, and Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. in particular, are to meet the legitimate and changing needs of clients and the public, arbitrary restrictions on the services provided are not appropriate. However, Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. as a matter of policy, will undertake only engagements that we believe we can perform with competence, that will be useful to our clients or to appropriate third parties, that will not impair our independence in fact or appearance when we also provide review services to the client involved, and that will help attract and retain the personnel we need to provide the knowledge base essential to maintain our ability to serve our clients and the public in a professional manner. In evaluating proposed engagements, as well as the way we inform clients and others of our capabilities, we consider whether such engagements will lessen public confidence in our independence, integrity, and objectivity in the performance of the review function or in our commitment to that function.

Reviews & Compilations

Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. provides review and compilation services to a number of specialized industries. The firm has historically provided these services in the construction, mortgage lending, commercial, and manufacturing industries.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The firm has long maintained an active practice in the accounting and bookkeeping field. Many of our clients in the health care, retail, real estate and development, professional, and wholesale manufacturing arenas use our services on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to assist them in providing financial information for their businesses. Several of our clients span three generations, which is testimony to the quality and experience we provide.


Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. has been providing tax services to its clients since inception. The firm has several hundred individual clients as well as business clients who avail themselves of our tax services. The firm is known for putting their clients first. We are there for them when they need us. We work nights and weekends in an effort to always meet the tax deadlines that are so important to our clients.


Rosenbaum, Rollins & Olah, P.C. recognizes that many of our clients need guidance in making their business decisions. Whether providing consulting on their current business needs, starting new businesses, or assisting with individual tax needs, we offer our assistance in pointing them in the right direction.

Trusts & Estates

The firm has been providing accounting and tax services for estates and trusts since its inception. We have an extensive client base of trust clients, and have handled estates of all sizes.


The firm provides payroll services for those clients who prefer the “personal touch” rather than using a large payroll service. We will prepare your checks, tax reports and provide the necessary information you need to keep your business running smoothly.